A wxPython GUI for the Radiance falsecolor2 tool

current release: v0.52

This project is maintained by tbleicher


A wxPython GUI for the Radiance falsecolor2 tool

wxfalsecolor main screen


Latest binary packages can be found in the Releases section.


On Windows simply drag-and-drop a Radiance *.hdr file on the executable.

To start from the command line:

python wxfalsecolor.py [image.hdr]

falsecolor2 is a Python rewrite of the falsecolor c-shell script in the Radiance distribution. The main purpose was to have a falsecolor script for Windows but I added a few extra bits on the way.

wxfalsecolor is a graphical frontend to falsecolor2. It also implements a few features of ximage so it can be used to display Radiance RGBE images and read luminance/illuminance values.

Like the original, falsecolor2 relies on the Radiance image tools which you need to have installed on your system.


falsecolor2 supports all features of the original falsecolor. I have added a few new features and some of the original features behave a bit differently:

With wxfalsecolor you can


To open a file simply drag a Radiance HDR image on the executeable (Windows) or start the application from the command line (OS X and Linux):

python wxfalsecolor.py [image.hdr]

Detailed usage information is on the wxfalsecolor - Usage page.


The code base was migrated from the original 'pyrat' repository on code.google.com and copied into this repository dedicated to wxfalsecolor.